“Rodney Pierce is a former student of mine in the Halifax County School system. He was an astute and brilliant student. Rodney is a historian and a young man who is going places in the political arena. I’m a firm believer in giving our young people an opportunity.

“Therefore, it is my immense pleasure to endorse Mr. Rodney Pierce for the position of North Carolina House of Representatives.”
Carolyn Johnson
Halifax County Commissioner, District 1
“Rodney Pierce is a father, teacher and justice advocate. He is the true champion for public education, schools, full voting rights and equal justice in the House District 27 race.

“His opponent did not support funding for the Northampton Early College, hunting rights and the one-person, one-vote constitutional rights of Northampton residents.

“I am honored to endorse Rodney as our next NC House of Representatives member, District 27!”
Erica Smith
Former State Senator
“Rodney Pierce is a concerned father, a productive teacher, an avid historian and a passionate advocate for social justice. He is a true supporter for public education, schools, full voting rights and equal justice.

“I am extremely honored to endorse Rodney Pierce as our next NC House of Representatives member!”
Kimberly Robinson
Weldon City Schools Board of Education Member
“I’m convinced that this is the best vote we can make, at this time, remember when I said elections have consequences, well voting for Rodney D. Pierce will ensure that we have a progressive in this seat to represent our interests and not that of money-brokers in Raleigh.”
Mondale Robinson
Mayor of Enfield, NC & Founder of the Black Male Voter Project
“To the people of District 27, we have an opportunity to elect a new representative who has shown his commitment, care, and love for our community. Mr. Rodney Pierce is my choice for our next NC House Representative for District 27, serving Northampton, Halifax, and Warren Counties.”
Nicole Boone
Former Northampton County Commissioner (District 3)
“It is time for choice, change and a chance. Change is healthy and the 27th needs a chance to have new representation. I believe that Rodney Pierce is that choice for change and a chance to make a difference. Rodney has been an advocate for youth and will be an advocate and a voice for ALL the citizens of the 27th House District. Rodney will provide a new, fresh, youthful, yet mature approach to the myriad of issues and challenges we face with practical and real solutions.”
Tyrone Williams
Former Chairman of the Halifax County Schools Board of Education
“In this world that we live in, things just don’t happen, you have to make them happen. Another scenario is that you only have one time for a first impression and I say it’s time for a change.

“Rodney Pierce is the best candidate to represent our district, our communities and homes, schools, economic development and cultural enrichment speaking out on our behalf in Raleigh. Again, I say it’s time for a change!”
Venus Spruill
Retired Northampton County Clerk of Superior Court
“Rodney is a teacher, and he has spent his career in some of the most poorly-funded districts in the state. I’ve known Rodney for almost ten years because he has been one of our state’s most consistent advocates for school children. His passion for educational equity and mine are closely aligned. We need him in Raleigh bringing voice for those kids, their families, and their communities.”
Sen. Graig Meyer
Democrat, NC Senate District 23
“I believe our area needs new vision and leadership that best represents the views of the majority of the people in our area in the Roanoke Valley. Rodney Pierce is the best candidate to embrace our future progress.”
Julius Tillery
Northampton Farmer, Founder of Black Cotton, and Advocate
“Rodney Pierce has made it clear that he will show up and fight for his constituents. We look forward to seeing him elected.”
Young Democrats of North Carolina
“The Network for Public Education Action is proud to endorse Rodney D. Pierce for NC House of Representatives, District 27 – Halifax, Northampton, Warren. Rodney knows the challenges facing his district’s public schools because (he’s) a classroom teacher and a parent of current students in the Halifax, Northampton, and Warren County Schools. Rodney’s main goal is to provide resources for students, teachers and administrators in accordance with the Leandro Plan.”
Network for Public Education Action
“Rodney Pierce is a father, award-winning educator, historian and a longtime champion of ‘neglected northeast’ North Carolina. Pierce is a leading advocate for strengthening public schools through the Leandro Plan, protecting and expanding voting rights, and bringing broad-based and equitable economic development to his region.

“Rodney will be the voice that northeast NC has been denied for many years.”
Carolina Forward
“Unions of working people across North Carolina did the research, conducted interviews, and voted to recommend these candidates.”
Progressive Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party
Communication Workers of America PAC
NC Sierra Club

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